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Introduction to
Bluetooth Book

Introduction to Bluetooth Book

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Bluetooth Topics
What is Bluetooth? Short range digital wireless system that can dynamically find and setup connections with nearby devices.

- Piconets and Scatternets - Piconets are very small networks that can have up to 8 active devices. When multiple Piconets are connected to each other, they are called Scatternets.
- Data Rates and Link Types
- The typical connection speed for Bluetooth devices is a few hundred kilobits per second which is more than enough for most non-media applications (such as remote controls).

- Frequency Hopping (FHHS) - The Bluetooth system uses a relatively simple frequency hopping radio transmission system to save battery power.
- Interference Avoidance
- The frequency hopping patterns can be changed to avoid interference to and from nearby devices.

- Enhanced Data Rate - EDR - The Bluetooth has evolved to allow to include EDR for use devices that can communicate at 3 Mbps.

- Device Discovery and Connection - Bluetooth devices can use a pre-defined hopping pattern to find nearby devices. Once the Bluetooth device has found and obtained the address of a nearby device, it can change its hopping pattern to match the device so it can connect to it.

- Pairing and Privacy - To maintain security, Bluetooth devices can use keys to verify the identify of other devices and to modify data (encrypt) to make the data private.

Protocol Layers - The Bluetooth system has been divided into functional protocol layers.

Bluetooth Protocols - Bluetooth protocols are commands and processes that enable the Bluetooth system to coordinate transmission and transfer user data.

Bluetooth Profiles - Profiles are the protocols, processes, and values that are defined for use by specific applications and services.


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Introduction to Bluetooth Book

This book explains how Bluetooth devices can locate, authenticate, discover the capabilities, and setup connections with other Bluetooth devices. Radio packet structures, modulation types, and protocols are described and explained along with Bluetooth security pairing (authentication) and privacy (encryption) processes.

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