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Email Marketing Book

Email Marketing Book

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Email Marketing Systems The equipment, software, and services that are used to setup and manage the delivery of messages from senders to recipients.

Email Marketing Objectives What the sender wants to accomplish by using email marketing. Usually starts with product sales but should include other objectives such as increasing customer engagement, list building, and gathering additional customer qualifying information.

Email Marketing Operation - Email marketing systems use lists and campaign information to determine how and when email messages are sent. Email marketing systems usually add tracking codes to allow the system to identify when and how people received, opened, and interacted with their email messages.

List Creation and Management - List creation and management is the processes used to identify, capture, and get permission to use email addresses in marketing campaigns.

Email Service Providers (ESP) - ESPs are companies that have systems that can be used to store lists, perform email broadcasts, and provide tracking reports

List Rental - Getting access to lists that you do not own. How to find them, how to select specific list categories, and how you are allowed to use them.

Email Marketing Campaigns - Identifying marketing objectives, selecting lists, creating email messages, scheduling broadcasts, and analyzing results.

Email Marketing Performance Measurements - Tracking and measuring the number of people who receive, open, and interact with emails to determine what was effective and what can be improved.

Email Marketing Regulations - No SPAM! Big penalties. Watch for privacy issues, especially children.

Email Marketing Economics - Revenues and Costs for Email marketing. While email can be very cost effective, there are important hidden costs in email marketing programs.

Email Marketing Security - Validating that the senders are who they claim to be.

Email Marketing People - The job roles for email marketing. One person may perform multiple email marketing job roles.


Email Marketing Book

more details

Email Marketing

This book explains key email marketing program objectives, the operation of email marketing systems, how to setup and manage email campaigns, ways to tracking and analyze marketing performance, important email regulations to follow, email marketing security processes, and the types of people that are needed for email marketing programs.

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