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Internet TV Station

Internet TV Station Expert

Internet TV Station system expert Lawrence Harte has developed, setup, and managed video and media broadcasting systems.

Mr. Harte is the editor and publisher of IPTV Magazine, Mobile Video Magazine, and author of over 100 books on communication technologies (more than 20 on TV systems and technologies).

He has Interviewed over 4100 companies which produce TV products and provide services. He has designed, setup, and managed products and invented patents on communication technologies.

Mr. Harte has worked for companies including Ericsson/General Electric, Audiovox/Toshiba and Westinghouse and consulted for hundreds of other companies.

Holds many degrees and certificates including an Executive MBA from Wake Forest University and a BSET from the University of the State of New York.

Internet TV Systems
This book explains how Internet TV systems operate and the different types of equipment and encoding options. Discover hosting and programming options, technology basics and industry jargon, and how to produce original content. Internet TV economics, including advertising and T-Commerce are explained, as well as content licensing and user targeted promotion.