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1) How to Define and Create a Web Development Project Plan for an Outsourcing Job Site

Outsourcing Web Projects Book

Outsourcing Web Projects Book

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Outsourcing Web Development Topics

These are the key issues this tutorial will cover.

What is Outsourcing: Outsourcing is when one company contracts with another company to produce goods or services. In the case of web development, outsourcing is primarily used for the production of services.

Outsourcing Objectives: Outsourcing can benefit your company in many ways, including cost savings, workload reduction for in-house staff, unique expertise, new sources for creativity, and speeding up production.

Project Planning: Creating a detailed project plan for your outsourced project will define your objectives and scope for the project and outline the process, timeline, and budget.

Development Guidelines: You must provide your vendor with development guidelines that may include creative guidelines, style guidelines, and document management.

Outsourcing Options: There are several options for finding potential freelancers for your outsourced project, including direct management, request for proposals (RFPs), brokers, and outsourcing job sites.

Vendor Qualification: It is important to decide on the criteria you will use to choose vendors while you are planning your project, such as skills and years of experience. Also be sure to review the biddersí sample work and customer reviews before contracting with a vendor.

Web Project Management: Good communication is the key to successful web project management, especially for a remote worker in the case of outsourcing. Determine a reasonable timeline and establish set deliverables. There are several online project management tools that can help make this easy.

Outsourcing Security: One of the biggest concerns with outsourcing is security. You must determine how to control access to your files and server, how to protect your assets, and the legal requirements for working with contracted workers.

Outsourcing Economics: Some costs and cost savings that are involved with outsourcing web development are labor costs, management costs, materials costs, and services costs. And donít forget about the pesky hidden costs!


Outsourcing Web Projects Book

more details

Outsourcing Web Projects

This book explains the processes, benefits and risks involved in IT project outsourcing. It covers outsourcing economics, project plan creation and implementation. Learn to qualify potential vendors, determine project efficiency, and maintain information and system security. Discover the resources needed by outsourcing companies and acceptable project documents and programs.

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