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TV Advertising Book

TV Advertising Book

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Types of Ads
TV advertising messages may be in the form of interstitial, mixed media or interactive media. An interstitial ad is an advertising message that is inserted "in between" program segments. Interstitial ads can also be pop-ups (when selecting a new channel) and pop-downs (when exiting a selected program). Mixed media advertising is the combining of advertising media along with other video and text graphics on a television or video monitor. Interactive advertising is the process of allowing a user to select or interact with an advertising message.

Standard Interstitial Ads - Standard TV ads are relatively short promotional messages (typically between 30 to 60 seconds) that are placed between media segments (interstitial) in a TV program.

Expandable TV Ads - are additional segments of an advertising message that can be selected by the viewer (ad telescoping).

Interactive TV Ads - are promotional messages that allow the viewer to select and possibly submit information that controls the display and operation of the promotional message.

Overlay TV Ads - Overlay TV ads can be simple icons or messages that are inserted on top of the program display or they can be animated and interactive TV Widgets.

Embedded TV Ads - are communication messages that are merged into promotional messages (such as product placement).

Bookmarking Ads - are ads that can be marked for selection and viewing at a later time.

This figure shows how TV advertising messages can be in the form of interstitial broadcast messages, mixed media messages or interactive ads. In example A, a network operator provides a program with advertising messages already inserted (interstitial) into the program. Example B shows how an advertising message may be overlapped or merged into the underlying television program. Example C shows how an advertising message my change based on the selections of the viewer.



TV Advertising Book

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Advanced TV Advertising

This book covers how TV ad systems work, advertising economics, advanced TV advertising options, effective and efficient commercial production, and interactive TV ads.

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