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TV Advertising Book

TV Advertising Book

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Advertising Marketing Objectives
TV advertising objectives include product and service sales, web site traffic, brand and product awareness, image building, generating sales leads, public relations.

Product and Service Sales - communicate offers that directly generate orders.

Web Site Traffic - Get people to visit your web page(s) who may perform specific actions such as subscribe to a service.

Brand and Product Awareness - Help viewers to understand their need or desire for a product and let them know a solution is available.

Image Building - Provide images or media that help people to store thoughts ***

Sales Leads - Want people to go to places to submit their names and other information that identifies how they are qualified candidates for sales efforts.

Public Relations - Communication of information that is of public interest. Some regulations require companies to communicate information to the general public.

TV Advertising Objectives are usually more than product sales!



TV Advertising Book

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Advanced TV Advertising

This book covers how TV ad systems work, advertising economics, advanced TV advertising options, effective and efficient commercial production, and interactive TV ads.

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